Marya Sutimi The Beau Traveler

Marya Sutimi is an Indonesian travel blogger who has been blogging for last 15 years. Right now, she is running her own travel site The Beau Traveler. And in our Featured Traveler section, we featured the journey of this beautiful woman. Let’s enjoy.

Introduce Yourself and Your Blog

Marya: My name is Marya Sutimi. I have been blogging for maybe 15 years, but I only started last year when I decided to have a specific niche that fits my passion best. I chose the name The BeauTraveler as I want to emphasize that this blog represents 3 main things that I am passionate about: beau, beauty and travel. I love make up as much as I do traveling. As I am also single, I’m also in the journey of finding ‘the one’ for me. So that’s what my blog is all about basically.

Where Are You Based/Located?

I am originally from Bandung, Indonesia. Currently, I am quite mobile in-between Bandung and the capital city of Jakarta for my business.

What is Your Motivation for Travel?

I never really got a chance to travel when I was younger. My parents couldn’t afford any decent holiday, and neither they like traveling. Back when I was a child, whenever I asked them to go somewhere for a vacation, they always told me that I could go there someday when I had my own money. So that’s what I do right now, ticking off the places that I have wanted to visit since I was a kid.

How Many Countries You Have visited. Mention Them.

Honestly, I’ve never really counted the number of countries that I have visited. However, I will never forget the first stamp in my passport was Turkey in 2010. I was 21, and Doha was my first stop to transit. It was my first experience getting on a plane. I was a little bit late to the party, but I haven’t stopped ever since. I went to Turkey as I got the scholarship from Turkish Embassy to learn Turkish during summer back then. 3 years later, I got a job as a flight attendant and I was based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Even though I worked as a flight attendant back then, I barely had a nice or proper layover when I worked there. Instead, I got a lot of chances to actually travel during my vacation. The list of countries that I have visited so far is still in Asia with Turkey, but I’m aiming for more destinations to come. 🙂

Tell About 5 of Your Most Favorite Travel Destination & Why Do You Love this Places?

  • Bandung, Indonesia: Because there’s no place like home.
  • Izmir, Turkey: Despite I only stayed there for 3 months, this city is like my second home. Also, because there are many things to see around and Cesme is only one hour away from there.
  • Cesme, Turkey: I think it was the first beach that actually amazed me with its beauty.
  • Hue, Vietnam: I love strolling around the city with my rented bike. And I also love the familiarity of the city that made me feel like deja vu the first time I arrived there.
  • Bangkok, Thailand: I’m not really into the urban city kind of girl, but I think Bangkok is one of the few big cities whose vibes I could handle. There are so many things to do in Bangkok, and everything is so affordable for my own pocket!

Which Travel Destinations Are Now on Your Bucket List and Why You Want to Go There?

My short-term goal is to visit all 10 ASEAN country members before I hit the age of 30. This year, I’ll be turning 29 and the time’s ticking while I still have Laos, Cambodia, and Brunei left on my list to visit. I’m planning to visit Laos and Cambodia in April, so hopefully, I can go to Brunei either later next year or anytime prior to my 30th birthday next year.

Share One of Your Bad Experience in you Travel.

It was during my flying time as a flight attendant. I had a layover in Riyadh when I went to a fast food restaurant alone nearby the hotel. I was eating my dinner in the family section when suddenly one of the restaurant staff approached me and made some small talk. The next thing I knew, he tried to grope me during the prayers’ time. The prayers’ time in Saudi Arabia was when they temporarily closed the restaurant and all that. I was shocked so I went downstairs to file a complaint. I spoke to the manager, and he only commented on my English that according to him ‘is better than most Indonesian people in Saudi’. And for the complaint, he only refunded the money I spent for dinner that evening for the compensation. That was one bad experience, not only because I experienced sexual harassment but also because I experienced the double standard not only as a woman, but also as a foreigner.

Any Advice for New Travelers/Travel Bloggers?

One step at a time. I know there are a lot of people out there who seem to be more successful than you, but they also started with a single step. No matter how small your first step is, either in traveling or blogging, progressing is important. Stop comparing yourself with others.

Do You Want to Say Something to Us (Travel Cracker)? 

Thank you so much for the opportunity on the interview. Keep up the good work and safe travel always! 🙂