Sajek Valley


Sajek Valley is one of the most popular tourist spots nowadays among the backpackers. The valley is located in Sajek Union, Baghaichhari Upazila in Rangamati District. The valley is situated among the hills of the Kasalong range & this is the tallest among all hills. The height of the peak is around 1800 feet from the sea level. The name Sajek has come from the name of the Sajek River which is flowing as a border between Bangladesh & India.

The valley is only 8 km far from Mizoram, India. It is also known as the ‘Roof of Rangamati’ & ‘The Queen of Hills’. As the deep clouds & sudden rain on the valley is the key attraction, so the rainy season is the best time to travel Sajek Valley. Mostly from the beginning of June to the end of September is the best time. But you can visit Sajek all around the year. Two days & two nights are enough for visiting every attraction & taking the feelings of the valley.

How to Go to Sajek Valley

Though Sajek valley is situated in the district of Rangamati, the shortest & easiest way of Dhaka to Sajek Valley is to go from Khagrachhari.  It takes around 7 hours from Dhaka to Khagrachhari & 3 hours from Chittagong to Khagrachhari. Night coaches are more popular than day coaches because people love to sleep on this long journey. It’s better to confirm your tickets at least 72 hours before as tickets are limited. Besides, Thursday night is the busiest because Friday-Saturday is the weekends in Bangladesh. So, book your bus tickets before at least before a week if you want to go to Thursday night. After reaching to Khagrachhari bus stand, you’ll find ‘Chander Gari’ which is actually 4 wheelers cars specially designed for mount climbing. These cars will go take you to Baghaichhari Bazar via Dighinala within 10 am or 3 pm because from Baghaichhari Bazar to Kasalong range army cars will escort you. The timing for these escorts is 10 am & 3 pm and if you miss this timing you can’t pass the Baghaichhari Bazar. So, this timing is very important. It needs around 2 hours to reach Baghaichhari Bazar & then up to 1.5 hours to reach the valley.

Best Hotels & Resorts in Sajek Valley


Top Things to Do in Sajek Valley

The valley area is really very tiny & you can finish the whole area only by 40-50 minutes of walking. Still, there are lots more to see, feel & do. According to the tourists the main attractions are the way through which you’ll go Sajek valley, the morning of the valley & visiting Konglak Para which is a small village for folks; these three are the best attractions. Besides, there are other attractions and to do’s also. A list of these attractions is described below.

The Route to Sajek Valley

This route will cover half of your total tour entertainment. The curvy path through the hills will definitely mesmerize you deeply. These roads are sometimes 60-70 degrees inclined and when you’ll start roaming up on that road you’ll feel your lower part of your body is just started disconnecting from the upper part. Again after a few while the scenario will go to the opposite when you’ll start getting down from the upper hill to lower. After these ups & downs, finally, you’ve to traverse the highest peak of Sajek which is the best shot of your total path.

The Sunset from the Helipad

If you enter the valley with the 3 pm escort, then the first thing you can do is going to the helipad & enjoy the sunset from there. This is mainly the time for relaxing and you’ll see lots of tourists are walking, gossiping, taking photos, and overall enjoying the beauty of nature. After sunset, you can also pass your time on the helipad. If you travel with your group or friends the place is awesome for singing loudly after the sunset. For couples, walking on the plain roads or standing for long times at the edge of the mountain will be more enjoyable.

Tasting Local Foods & Drinks

There is no any special or popular traditional food in this valley. But you’ll always get wild chickens & vegetables. Pork is also available for foreigners. There are also some halal restaurants for Muslims. But you’ll never find beef in the total area. Vegetables are available. There are some coffee shops & they make coffee really fine. Packaged snacks, cakes, biscuits are limitedly available, but a little high in price since they’ve to carry this stuff to the whole mountain.

The Sunrise & Morning View of Cottage

After passing the night, you must get up early to watch the sunrise from the cloud. At the end of the night, when morning lights start getting out from the cloud you can feel a heavenly experience. The white clouds will seem grey & gradually with the increase of morning lights, these clouds will gradually become white. After the sunrise, the hills will look like clouds. You just need to close your eyes, take long breathes & keep calm to feel the whole scenario. And I guarantee you’ll re-explore your life.

Trekking to Konglak Para

Immediately after the sunrise, start walking for Konglak Para which is a living place for local folks. To reach there you’ve to have a 30-45 minutes trekking on Konglak hill. This is very easy trekking and if you’ve never experienced any trekking, you can also climb on the top of Konglak hill. During this trekking, you can see the clouds, the mountain ranges & far view of India. There are also some orange gardens in these hills those are also fabulous to look at. After reaching the top of Konglak hill, you’ll see the houses of local inhabitants & you’ll see Sajek Valley far & down from this hill. You can collect & eat Banana & Papaya from local people. The price is reasonable and the taste is delicious.

Trekking to Sikam Toisa Water Fall

This fall is also known as Komlok Waterfall, Sikam Toisha Fall or Pidam Toisa fall. You’ll find a steep hill road right-hand side between Ruilui para to Helipad road which will lead you to this waterfall. The place is really hard to crack & you’ve to pass through 80-85 degree vertical hill treks to reach there. It’ll take 40-45 minutes trekking to reach Sikam Toisha. But for absolute beginners or bulky people, it’s better to avoid this waterfall. But if you’ve even a little experience of trekking & you love to explore new places, don’t miss visiting Pidam Toisha Waterfall.

Roaming on the Valley on Day Time

The road of the valley is very well organized, awesome in look & comfortable to roam. You can see hotels & resorts of Sajek Valley on both side. Besides, there are also some tea restaurants. In this time the local people take rests, give their family time & collect water from the water sources into the hill. This path is very hard to tackle. But local women do it very adroitly & the best thing you’ll see is that these women are climbing on this hills carrying water baskets on their head. In addition, you’ll also see many natural resources which will definitely amuse you


This valley is a combination of both natural beauty & man-made architectures. And the whole combination has made Sajek Valley one of the best choices among the comfortable looking travelers, adventure lover backpackers & digital nomads. You’ll find a full mobile network & 3G internet connections also. Though the place is a little expensive, still you’ll be completely paid off by its beauty & resources.