Moinot Ghat is one of the most beautiful tourist spots near Dhaka city. It is located in Kartikpur, Dohar Upazila, District Dhaka. Dohar is a suburban and rural area. Tons of nature lovers go to this riverbank to enjoy the beauty of the place. The whole scenario such as waves, boats, the sand of the river would make you feel that you are in Cox’s Bazaar. That’s why this place is also known as Mini Cox’s Bazaar. Moinot Ghat is located east side of the renowned Padma River and the west side of Padma River in Faridpur District. The best time to travel Moinot Ghat is the rainy season. During this time Riverside fills with water, the high waves of the gigantic Padma River become very charming and give mental peace to busy bored city people.

How to Go to Moinot Ghat

Moinot Ghat is approximately 60 kilometers away from Dhaka. People can go there by motorbike, private car, or bus. But Bus is considered as the most convenient transport. The name of the direct bus service is Jamuna Paribahan. This bus starts in the morning from Gulistan in front of Golap Shah Mazar and goes directly to Moinot Ghat. The ticket price is BDT 90 per person and it takes around 2-2.5 hours to reach there. And the last bus of Jamuna Paribahan leaves for Dhaka from Moinot Ghat at 6:30 pm.

There are some other bus services such as Mollik Paribahan that start from the Fulbaria bus terminal in the morning. The ticket price is around BDT 70. This bus goes to Nawabganj, Mazirkanda. Nagar Paribahan also starts from Fulbaria bus terminal but uses another road called Munshiganj road and goes through Kartikpur. It goes Dhaka to Munshiganj then to Kartikpur.

Nagar Paribahan also starts from the Fulbaria bus terminal but uses another route called Munshiganj road and goes through Kartikpur. It goes Dhaka to Munshiganj first and then to Kartikpur. The ticket Price is 90 BDT. There is another minibus service called Joypara Paribahan which starts from Gulistan Golap Shah Mazar and goes to Joypara, Dohar.

Top Things to Do in Moinot Ghat

Since a day is enough to cover the whole area so you’ll not get lengthy experiences to take. But still, lots of activities and awesome sights are available there before and after reaching the ghat. We are featuring some of them below.

Visiting Ancient Heritage Relics

Before going to Moinot Ghat, we’ll find some ancient relics on the way. They are known as Jojbari, Ukilbari, Khelaram Datar Bari etc. Some of them were built in the British era by the landlords themselves and others were built by their predecessors. You can pass some of your time in these places. This distance of the place is ten to fifteen minutes by bus from the ghat.

Tasting Hilsha Fish

The most recommended experience you can take is taking the taste fresh Hilsa fish caught from the river bank. There are two mini-hotels called Ataur Chowdhury Hotel and Julhash Bhuiyan Hotel beside the Ghat where you can find rice and Hilsa fish.The cost is around BDT 60 to 90 for a piece of Hilsha Fish BDT 10 for rice per plate.

Roaming on Padma River

You can take a ride on the Padma River by speedboat, trawler, or small boat and can go to Charbhadrasan Upazila, Faridpur District. A speedboat can accommodate maximum of 10-12 people can and it costs around BDT 160 each. It takes around 20 minutes to go to the destination. You can also travel by small boats or trawler that ensures much pleasure and fewer expenses. Another thing people do is swimming, mostly playing waist height water level beside the river.

Enjoying the Sunset of Padma River

The most elegant scene of the place is its sunset. If you have got the eyes filled with love for nature, you’ll definitely be mesmerized by the sunset of Moinot Ghat. And it’ll not only touch your eyes but also soothe your heart for a long long time. And when you’ll return to the main point from the sunset point, you can feel a big change in your mind which is a tremendous feeling.

Enjoying the Sunset of Padma River

Finally, never miss the opportunity to taste the renowned sweets of Kartikpur. These sweets have a unique taste than the sweets of other places of Bangladesh. That’s why people from different region of Bangladesh come to try the sweets of Kartikpur. And People also export these sweets to foreign countries also for its awesome taste.

Moinot Ghat Quick Travel Tips

You should ensure the best possible entertainment. But still, you should not forget getting fun is not important than your safety.  And that’s why do not go to deep water if you do not know how to swim because water level of Padma River beside Moinot Ghat always varies and don’t forget to use Life Jacket during swimming, riding boats or speedboats.

Additionally, Always try to keep some necessary medicine such as painkillers, paracetamol, stomach infection drugs, etc. in your backpack. Furthermore, never mess with local people, and still, if any incident occurs, take help from the nearest police station.


Finally, we can say in a nutshell that Moinot Ghat is one of the best tourist attractions near Dhaka city. And if you are looking for a low-cost trip within a short time then a day trip to Moinot Ghat Dohar Kartikpur can be the best selection. Best of Luck on your Trip.