Mawa Ferry Ghat Bangladesh


Year after year Mawa Ferry Ghat Bangladesh remains the connector of South Bengal to the other part of the country via Padma River. Furthermore, the place is famous for traditional Hilsa fish. As a result, this place has become one of the busiest places in the country. People from different places in the country come to Mawa Ghat to roam on the river, taste fresh Hilsa fish & watch the natural beauty of the place.  For the people of Dhaka, this place is a very good tourist spot for a day trip.

Mawa Ghat Location & Itinerary

Mawa Ghat is located in Sreenagar Upazila, Munshiganj District. The place is approximately 50-kilometer west side of Dhaka city. Mawa Ghat is 24 hours open because the biggest ferry terminal of Bangladesh is in Mawa Ghat. Most of the west side transport uses the Mawa Ghat ferry terminal. Mawa Ghat remains very busy all day and night. The gigantic Padma Bridge, which has been building for several years, is beside of Mawa Ghat.

How to Go to Mawa Ghat From Dhaka

Mawa Ghat is around 50 kilometers away from Dhaka city. There are many Dhaka to Mawa Ghat Bus Services. You can go to Mawa Ghat from Mirpur, Shahbagh, Farmgate by Shadin Paribahan. BRTC bus and Ilish Paribahan are available in Gulistan or Jatrabari. People who like to travel in Air Condition (AC) vehicles can use the BRTC AC bus from Gulistan. The ticket price is around 70 BDT for Non-AC and BDT 100 taka for AC buses per person. You can go to Mawa Ghat by using their own transport such as a private car, jeep, a motorbike. People can hire a microbus from different transport agencies. Young people like to visit Mawa Ghat at night. Generally, they hire microbus or take a motorbike to go to Mawa Ghat.  Around 1-2 hours required to reach the Mawa Ferry Ghat from Dhaka.

Top Things to Do In Mawa Ferry Ghat

First of all, the way of Mawa Ferry Ghat itself looks picturesque. So, you should enjoy your whole journey. And then, after reaching Mawa Ghat you can do the following activities.

Tasting Fresh Hilsha / Ilish Fish of Padma River

The main attraction of traveling Mawa Ghat is to taste fresh Hilsa fish caught from the Padma. The fish is served with rice, dal & fried onion. Besides, you can also taste the egg of Ilish. There are many mini-hotels and restaurants available in Mawa Ghat. Ilish fish costs around 70-90 BDT per piece based on the size and hot rice is 10 BDT per plate. The price of Ilish eggs also varies from BDT 50 to BDT 80 taka. You can also buy the different sizes of Hilsa fish from the nearest fish market & bring them to Dhaka.

Boat Riding on Padma River

You can also ride into the Padma River by speedboat, by a trawler or by small boats. You can also cross the Padma River by ferry to go to the Kaorakandi ferry ghat to enjoy the beauty of the Padma River and come back to Mawa Ghat by the ferry. It takes 20-25 minutes to cross the Padma River by speedboat and costs 150 BDT per person. For launch or trawler or ferry you need around 2 hours to traverse the Padma River. The rent varies from BDT 25 to BDT 50 for these options. So, depending on your time & budget you can choose your transport to enjoy the eternity of the Padma river.

Visiting Mawa Resort

You can also visit Mawa Resort or Padma resort which is very near to Mawa Ghat. It takes 25 BDT per person to go to Louhajang by battery auto-rickshaw and after reaching Louhajang you have to go to Padma Resort by small boat. People can stay day and night at the resort by reserving a room but if you want to visit Padma Resort to feel the beauty of Padma Resort and the river you need only 50 BDT.

Mawa Ferry Ghat Bangladesh Quick Travel Tips

It is very important to give the first priority to a safety issue. Always try to use “Life Jacket” when you go swimming, riding boats, and speedboats. Do not go to deep water if you do not know how to swim because the water level of Padma River beside Mawa Ghat is not always the same. Take some necessary things such as extra cloth, an umbrella, and freshwater. Always try to bring some necessary medicine such as painkillers, paracetamol, stomach infection drugs, etc. Try to go as early as possible in the morning and come back safely after watching the sunset of Padma River. When you go at night then never walk alone, always stay in a group, be a team.


Mawa Ghat is located near Dhaka city. So, if you are looking for a low-cost day trip from Dhaka, then traveling Mawa Ghat can be a convenient and less time-consuming option for you. And that’s why in your any off day or weekend, set your sail for Mawa Ferry Ghat and explore the experiences alone or with your friends.