The Longest Sand Beach


Cox’s Bazar, having the longest sand beach in the world, is the most beautiful tourist city in Bangladesh. Approximately 125km long, the world’s longest beach has made this place as one of the most preferred travel destinations among the backpackers and millions of local and international tourists who visit the place every year. The best time to visit Cox’s Bazar starts from the beginning of November and lasts until the end of April. During the summer and rainy season sea and the coastal area become unfriendly to the tourists. In peak season, from Thursday to Saturday the place becomes most crowded as these days are weekends in Bangladesh. In other days Cox’s Bazar has less crowd.

How to Go to Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is around 393 km away from the capital Dhaka and about 150 km south of Chittagong. Cox’s Bazar has a travel facility both by air and road from the capital city Dhaka and the major port city Chittagong. From Dhaka city daily non-stop flights are available on United Airways and Regent Airways. The journey time by plane from Dhaka is 60 minutes. It takes around 10-12 hours from Dhaka and 4-5 hours from Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar by bus. There are several bus services from Dhaka and Chittagong such as Shohagh Paribahan, Greenline Paribahan, Saudia Paribahan, Hanif Paribahan, TR Travels, Shyamoli Paribahan, S. Alam Paribahan, Saint Martin Paribahan, etc.

Top Things to Do In Cox’s Bazar

There are many beautiful tourist spots around Cox’s Bazar. You can do several activities near the beach in Cox’s Bazar. Besides, you can also visit historical places near Cox’s Bazar. But today we’ll focus only on the activities near the beach. You can also reach the tourist places near Cox’s Bazar from other places.

Roaming on The Longest Sand Beach of the World

Roaming on Coxs Bazar Beach

Cox’s Bazar sea beach is the best place for sunbathing because of the wide sandy beach with open fresh air from the Bay of Bengal. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenario of Cox’s Bazar by walking along the beach. In the evening tourists have the unique opportunity to observe the beauty of sunset behind the waves of the Bay of Bengal. The beach area is completely safe & you can get help from tourist polices all the time.

Swimming & Surfing Near Kolatoli Beach

Swimming Surfing

You can swim into the sea at Laboni Point & Sugandha Beach in Cox’s Bazar. But don’t try to exceed the knee or maximum waist-level water. It is very important to maintain a decent distance from deep level water because tourists often die for not following the guidelines of the coast guard. So, take the full fun of the beach but limit the fun within the safety level.

Parasailing at Doria Nogor, Cox’s Bazar

Parasailing at Coxs Bazar

You can experience parasailing in Cox’s Bazar Marine drive. The place is called Doria Nagar. Besides, there is another team that offers to parasail in Inani Beach. The price varies from BDT 1000 to BDT 3000 depending on which package you choose. The authority is highly trained & if you follow the rules properly, then the chance of parasailing accidents become tends to zero.

Jet Ski, Sand Bike & Horse Riding

Jet Ski in Coxs Bazar

Among the travel lovers who usually go to beaches, Jet skiing is one of the most popular events that take place in the water. You do not need to be worried while riding jet skis because everyone must wear a life jacket. Jet Ski is really very exciting & entertaining activity. The cost varies from BDT 300 to BDT 1000 depends on the distance you want to cover. Travelers can also take part in horse riding beside the coastline. Typically, horses found near the beach are not as big as regular horses. But still, it feels nice. And you can also experience a sand bike. The cost of sand bikes varies from BDT 300 to BDT 500. But among these three experiences, the Jetski is the best. So, try at least this one.

Experience Infinity Pool

Infinity Swimming Pool at Coxs Bazar

We know swimming in the pool is a very common experience for you. But watching the sea waves from the swimming pool is not probably a usual scene at all. And you can have this experience with a very cheap price in Cox’s Bazar. The hotel those have the infinite pools are Neeshorgo Resort, Hotel Sayeman, Royal Tulip etc. Among them, Neeshorgo is the best because it contains mountain in one side and sea view in another side. Swimming pools are open for the guests. But you can experience only swimming pool on an hourly basis. For Neeshorgo it is BDT 500 per hour.

Long Drive on Cox’s Bazar Marin Drive

Marine Drive Coxs Bazar

A 100+ km road from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf is made near the sea for the tourists, which is known as the marine drive. You can take autos or rent a jeep to roam on the whole marine drive. Keeping the mountains on one side and the Bay of Bengal on another side, when your car will move forward. It’ll soothe your heart and eradicate all your frustration, sorrow, and dizziness. You can also often stop your car to take photos because this calm drive is very secured for the tourists.

Himchari Waterfall & Mountain

Himchari Himchori Coxs Bazar

Himchari or Himchori is another most beautiful tourist attraction of Cox’s Bazar. This place is situated beside the marine drive, approximately 10 km south to the Cox’s Bazar. Himchari is very famous for the Himchari Waterfall and the beautiful view of the sea from the hilltop. In the rainy season, the waterfall is magnificent but the water decreases during the dry season particularly in the winter season. Himchari is also a very famous place for picnic and film shooting. The journey to Himchari from Cox’s Bazar through Teknaf Marine Drive road is amazing because of the lovely green hills on one side of the road and open blue sea on the other side of the road.

Visit Inani Beach

Inani Beach Coxs Bazar

Inani beach is situated nearly 32 km south of Cox’s Bazar and is famous for its golden sand. It is a pristine rocky beach surrounded by corals. It is also surrounded by hills. You can go to the Inani beach to spend time relaxing.  You can go to this place the whole day, but it’s better to go there during the ebb. Otherwise, you’ll miss the corals of the beach.

Cox’s Bazar Quick Travel Tips

  • Don’t forget to wear a life jacket for any sea surfing like riding jet ski or roaming by speedboat. Even if you know how to swim, a life jacket is recommended.
  • Avoid dark or silent places in Kolatoli beach & also avoid unknown people there. Always keep the cell number of tourist police & take help during necessity.
  • Don’t throw plastic bottles or other dust on the beach or Bay of Bengal. There are lots of dustbins. Use them
  • Carry sunglass or sunburn lotions.


Cox’s Bazar is a place where people can enjoy the beauty of nature, life and stay in peace instead of living in regular life stresses. And for a relaxing trip, Cox’s Bazar is the best travel destination in Bangladesh. Many foreign people come to Cox’s Bazar every year for its reputation around the world. So if you even visit Bangladesh, don’t miss traveling to Cox’s Bazar.