Boga lake, also called Bogakain Lake or Dragon Lake, is situated in Ruma Upazila in the most beautiful districts of Bandarban, Bangladesh. The lake is surrounded by big hills and trees. Boga Lake is approximately 70 km away from Bandarban town, 15 km away from Ruma Upazila and approximately 2700 feet high from sea level. It is said by the locals that Boga Lake was created from a dead volcano at least 2000 years ago. The surface area of Boga Lake is 15 acres and an average depth of the lake is 125 feet (38 m). The shape of the Boga Lake is semi-rectangular and its watercolor usually changes with the weather.

The travelers who visit Boga lake can also trek up to Keokradong which is one of the highest mountains in Bangladesh. Its height is approximately 3235 feet measured by GPS. Keokradong is located in Ramu Upazila, Bandarban. It is covered with white clouds and the heavy wind blows all the time. Rain falls more often in Keokradong mountain. After reaching the peak of the Keokradong you’ll definitely become stunned by the beauty of the scenario.

How to go to Boga Lake

To go to Boka Lake, you have to reach Bandarban city first. Different bus services such as Shyamoli Paribahan, Hanif Paribahan, A.S. Alam Paribahan, Unique Paribahan, etc. are available from Dhaka to Bandarban. A list of bus services is given below:

However, after reaching Bandarban you need to go to Ramu Upazila by bus or zip called Chander Gari. From Ramu Upazila, you can enjoy a one-hour journey by boat to Ramu Bazar. But you’ve to reach Ramu bazar as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may not be able to reach Boga Lake.

How to go to Keokradong

After reaching Boga lake, it is recommended to stay at night & then set your sail to Keokradong. Otherwise, it may be stressful to take the whole journey. There are some well-made guest houses in Boga Lake by the tribes. By paying 100-150 BDT, you can pass your night there. The next day you have to wake up early in the morning & then start your journey to Keokradong. It will take three to four hours to reach the apex of the Keokradong depends on your speed. In this journey try to leave your heavy bags and take the least equipment. Otherwise, the trekking will be tougher.

Top Activities in Boga Lake & Keokradong

In this trip, you’ll see the series of mountains, the sunrise and sunset of the mysterious hills, several waterfalls and so many other diversities of nature and people. Among them, we’ll recommend the following experiences to boost up the entertainment of your Boga lake to Keokradong trip.

Feel the Mountains

The journey from Bandarban to Ruma Bazar will show you how beautiful the mountains can be. You’ll traverse through the mountains and your bus will pass between mountain after mountain. The overall environment is really awesome & all the pollutions of your heart will be totally washed away by the fresh air of nature.

Enjoy the Road

In your whole journey, you’ll feel continuous adventures and the roads will never be lost from your heart. You’ll see the greens of mountains, the aqua of waterfalls, the dust of hills and so on. Besides, local folks will also welcome you at different points. You’ll see both the diversities of nature and people which is really a great experience for a backpacker.

The View of Boga Lake

View of Boga LakeDon’t miss the mesmerizing view of Boga Lake. The place is totally safe, so you can pass your lonely hours by thinking, planning or entertaining your time. But its better not swimming in Boga Lake because the lake is dangerous. And you’ll also need to fill up a disclaimer form which contains your own responsibility for any types of accidents there. So, it’s better enjoying the beauty of Boga Lake from outside.

Enjoy the Sunset of Boga Lake

Boga Lake SunsetAfter reaching Boga lake, take some rest and then go to the top of it from where you’ll be able to enjoy the sunset. The whole place is full of silence and when the sun sets into the mountain, it seems the level of silence becomes deeper. If you’ve frustration, demotivation or dizziness, only feeling of this sunset can eradicate all these things instantly.

Enjoy the Night of Boga Lake

The silent nights are also heart-soothing. You’ll hear the sound of foxes. You can arrange a barbeque party or fly the sky lamps there. But to do so, you need to get permission from the near army camp. So, don’t try to do something those are out of rule.

The Marathon Trekking for Beginners

Now its time to enjoy the feeling of trekking. For experts, this trekking will not a big deal. But for beginners, it’ll be really a challenging trek to conquer. Although there are few places to take rest, most of the time you’ve to be fast to maintain the distance from your team. If you trek slower, you may be lost from your team.

The Morning of Keokradong

The sunrise of the Keokradong is heavenly. So if you can reach the top of Keokradong, don’t miss the opportunity for sleeping. Try to wake up early in the morning & if possible then get up before the sunrise & take a seat on the top. Then wait for the sun to rise. We guarantee this moment will change the dimension of your thinking.


More or less, there are all the experiences you can take in this journey. For Every trekking beginner, Boga Lake to KeoKradong route should be the starter because the length of the route is enough for smart training & it also contains plenty of spots to take rest which is also a requirement for a beginner. Besides, the mesmerizing scenarios of the mountain are able to dazzle the heart of Backpacker. And according to overall beauty and experiences, you’ll never be disappointed after having a trip from Boga Lake to Keokradong.