Dianne Minardi

Dianne Minardi has traveled to 26 countries on 4 continents. She grew up in Ohio, but she doesn’t have any apartment or flat because her motto is to travel and live an independent life. She founded Slight North, a travel blog to share her travel experiences. And to spread her experiences to more people we featured this traveler in our Featured Traveler Section. Hope you guys will enjoy her travel story.

Introduce Yourself and Your Blog.

Dianne: Hey I’m Di and I run a travel blog called Slight North. I started it to show my travels through South America with my husband, and it’s slowly grown as we cross more countries off our bucket list. We work remote and both travel full time, so we’re on the road a lot! My blog also focuses on helping people learn how to travel more. You don’t have to sell a house, quit your job, have a profitable travel blog… normal people can travel around the world while earning income, just like we do, and I hope I can inspire some people to follow their dream to do so! Of course, I also love showcasing beautiful photos, funny stories, and delicious eats as we go!

Where Are You Based/Located?

Dianne: I am from Ohio, but I don’t have an apartment or home base because I travel full time.

What is Your Motivation for Travel?

Dianne: Traveling was always my dream when I was young. Once I finally grew up and graduated from college, I finally could! Then, once I started I just couldn’t stop, so I’ve found a way to continue traveling indefinitely to see as much of the world as I can.

How Many Countries You Have visited. Mention them.

Dianne: I’ve been to 26 countries! I’ve actually lived on 4 continents, in the US in North America, in Italy in Europe, in the UAE in Asia and in Colombia in South America. I’ve also traveled through a lot of Europe, been to Egypt, Morocco, Thailand, Canada, The Marshall Islands, Peru, Sri Lanka, Israel and Palestine, Costa Rica, Nepal, Bangladesh, Oman, and I’m currently writing this in Mexico!

Tell About 5 of Your Most Favorite Travel Destination & Why Do You Love this Places?

Dianne: Hmm, this is a good question!

  • I’m in Playa del Carmen in Mexico right now and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites. It has beautiful white sand beaches, blue waters, an awesome food scene and nightlife, and so much to do like diving, swimming with turtles, snorkeling in underground rivers and caves, and exploring ancient ruins.
  • I also did my study abroad program in college in Florence, Italy for 4.5 months so that city will always have a special place in my heart as well.
  • Thailand is another one of my favorite destinations. My husband and I took a three-week vacation there and were just in awe of the temples, wild monkeys, lush jungles, and amazing night markets in the north. Then we went to the islands and got our diving certification and chilled on the beaches for a week… it was just a perfect trip from start to finish.
  • We also visited Germany over Christmas, and that became another one of my favorite destinations. The Christmas markets were so festive (and had SUCH great food!) and we really enjoyed our holiday in Berlin.
  • Finally, I would say that I really love and recommend that everyone visits Peru. If you’re outdoorsy, the hiking cannot be beaten. We did the Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu, the Santa Cruz Trek, mountain climbing, and so much more, seeing beautiful lakes and remote places on the way. I spent 4.5 months in Peru, but still feel like I could go back because there is so much to see and do!

Which Travel Destinations Are Now in Your Bucket List and Why You Want to Go There?

Dianne: Right now South Africa is at the top of my bucket list. I’ve only been to Egypt and Morocco in Africa, and know that that’s such a small taste of the continent. I would love to spend a few months in Cape Town and then go up the coast to Kenya and Tanzania, and then finish the trip on the beaches of Zanzibar.

Share One of Your Best Moment in Travel.

Dianne: One of my best travel moments was also one of my first. After dreaming of leaving the country my whole life, I finally booked a trip… as a solo female traveler in Egypt. I saw the Khan al Khalili market, ate tons of Egyptian cuisine, visited the Egyptian Museum and of course, saw the pyramids. Walking around somewhere I had only ever seen in books and on TV was surreal. I was actually getting to see and experience the place first hand. That was the moment I realized I could never stop traveling because there is no other feeling like seeing somewhere new and exotic for the first time. I’ve been chasing that feeling ever since!

Share One of Your Bad Experience in you Travel.

Dianne: Haha, I’ve been traveling for years so I have plenty of stories of when things go wrong! One of my scariest traveling experiences was climbing the Misti Volcano in Peru. The volcano is 5,822 m and I was really not prepared for the height or difficulty of the climb. We carried everything on our backs to camp on the side of the volcano the first night. On day two, we woke up at 1 am to start again! As the sun rose I realized how high we were, how narrow the paths were, and how steep the mountainside was and I began to get scared. Eventually, we came to an almost straight up climb on ice, and I had to do it with zero extra equipment, trying not to slip and fall off the side of the mountain. The air was thin with little oxygen, and we were so tired I could barely think straight. I just put one foot in front of the other and tried not to look down. I was absolutely exhausted when we finally summited around 10 am, but we still had hours of descent ahead of us. It was one of the most terrifying and exhausting moments of my life, and though I’m glad we did it I would never try to climb it again!

Any Advice for New Travelers/Travel Bloggers?

Dianne: Just have fun! Go where you want, do what sounds interesting, and take some time to get off the beaten track every once in awhile if you can 🙂

Do You Want to Say Something to Us (Travel Cracker)?

Dianne: Thanks, let me know if you need anything else from me!

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