Debjani Lahiri

In our Featured Traveler section, today we featured an Indian born female traveler who loves living a life like a Vagabond. and hence she founded her blog The Vagabong to share her travel story with the world. Her name is Debjani Lahiri & let’s dive into the amazing vagabond story of her.

Introduce Yourself and Your Blog.

I am a vagabond traveler who hails from City of Joy popularly known as Kolkata. Hence my blog is called as The Vagabond. Bitten by travel bug for life, madness rules me, life loves me and a wanderlust travel junkie defines me. I am a passionate travel enthusiast who loves to document about my travel stories on my Blog. Presently bound by a corporate job as my profession to sustain my travel and continue to chase my passion, I wish to travel every corner of the world someday.

Where Are You Based/Located?

Kolkata, India

What is Your Motivation for Travel?

I always feel that travel is never about a single destination but it is more about the journey that I undergo. It motivates me to appreciate, and respect every aspect of all phenomena in this world. It helps me to grow and expand my horizon and most importantly gives enough happiness like no other material possessions can give. I truly believe in creating memories than to live with dreams.

How Many Countries You Have visited. Mention Them.

Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia. 5 countries (of course india too 🙂

Tell About 5 of Your Most Favorite Travel Destination & Why Do You Love this Places?

It is actually very difficult to choose between so many places that I have visited so far.

  • Sikkim: for its amazing untouched natural beauty of hills.
  • Halong Bay in Vietnam: Cascading limestone caves and crystal blue waters.
  • Angkor Wat: Cambodia for its heritage abundance.
  • Tiger Nest monastery, Bhutan: for its beautiful architecture and the grandeur with which it is perched at such a height and position making it as one of the most sought-after hiking places in Bhutan.
  • Pondicherry: Quaint little French town of India for its amazing laid-back beaches, stunning French architectural influence, and vibrant food culture.

Which Travel Destinations Are Now in Your Bucket List and Why You Want to Go There?

  • Europe (East & Central): for its beautiful destinations.
  • Maldives: stunning beaches.
  • Ladakh & Spiti: Breadth taking landscapes
  • Philippines: beaches, diving with the whale sharks

Share One of Your Best Moment in Travel.

When I trekked solo for the first time to the highest point of West Bengal and witnessed Mt. Kanchenjunga.

Share One of Your Bad Experience in you Travel.

I do not call any experience as bad experience, as I believe everything is a learning on the go. You fall you learn and you rise and you walk again.

Any Advice for New Travelers/Travel Bloggers?

Well, keep following your passion. Be open-minded, daring and have total confidence in yourself. Also, hard work is the key for any passion to make it into a profession. Which also means that for traveling, it could teach you to become more focused and disciplined.

Do You Want to Say Something to Us (Travel Cracker)? 

I feel this is a very good platform where one can connect with so many amazing travelers.

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