Carly Heyward

Carly Heyward was born in Atlanta, GA and visited 53 countries till now. She is a teacher, a travel blogger and founder of Flight of the Educator. In our today’s Feature Traveler Section, we featured her glorious story of travel enthusiasm. Hope you guys will enjoy her story a lot.

Introduce Yourself and Your Blog.

Carly: Since I’m a teacher by day, my blog is set up on the premise that if I, on a teacher’s salary, can get to 53 countries on 6 continents, then so can you. My most popular posts are my trip budgets. I post exactly what I spent while I was in a country to better assist people in planning their own! Let me teach you how to travel 😀

Where Are You Based/Located? 

Carly: Atlanta, GA USA

What is Your Motivation for Travel?

Carly: I believe what changed travel from a fun activity to a full-blown passion was my post-college graduation trip. My roommate last minute was unable to attend, but I decided to go anyway. I ended up going alone and felt so strong and capable that I was able to negotiate a foreign country on my own. In addition to the empowerment, I was able to see all these beautiful bits of history that I’ve read about my whole life. And then to also meet people of wildly different backgrounds and cultures from me? What’s not to love?

How Many Countries You Have visited. Mention them.

Carly: 53! They are: USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Vatican City, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Bosnia, Montenegro, Monaco, Spain, Portugal, Honduras, Belize, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Iceland, Morocco, China, Mongolia, Russia, Cuba, Peru, Argentina

Tell About 5 of Your Most Favorite Travel Destination & Why Do You Love this Places? 

Carly: When you’ve been to as many places I have, it becomes harder and harder to pick a favorite!

  • For beauty, I have to say Slovenia. It’s such a green and lush country with the most interesting and beautiful blue waters!
  • I also have to add Ireland as one of the friendliest. I went pretty early in my travel career, and I was overwhelmed by how nice everyone was.
  • I have to also include Iceland because it was so otherworldly and beautiful. I’ve been in the winter, and I’m very excited to visit again in the summer this summer.
  • The last two would be the two countries that I’d love to live in: Germany and Costa Rica. I could definitely imagine myself there for an extended amount of time.

Which Travel Destinations Are Now in Your Bucket List and Why You Want to Go There?

Carly: My bucket list is so long that I call it my Bucket Book. And I actually do have a book where I’ve listed my Bucket list places, and I fill it with pictures after I accomplish them! Right now my top 5 priority places are Antarctica, Egypt, Jordan, Thailand, and Zanzibar (Tanzania). If all goes to plan, I should see Egypt and Jordan this summer and Antarctica in March 2019!

Share One of Your Best Moment in Travel.

Carly: There are so many, but I have to choose one that really astounded me. I was on an overnight train to Rome from Switzerland. I’d already had a pretty rough trip because my passport was stolen in Switzerland which wiped out my emergency money. I opted for an overnight train in order to save money. The train pulled up a few minutes early, so I got on and was happy to see that it was mostly empty. I was very surprised that many people stayed on the platform and the train left a few minutes early. Turns out it was the wrong train. I was told to get off at the next stop and catch the correct train, so I did. That stop was very dark, outside, creepy, and the platform was covered with pallets of car batteries. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just stayed on that platform when I heard someone yell in Italian (and then English) that the train to Rome left on his platform not mine. I rushed over there and got to the train just when it arrived. The correct train turned out to be filled with all the people that I thought I had left on the platform, and there was not a seat to be found. I wandered from car to car, but there was no here. I ended up settling between where two cars met to try and read even though it was cold and loud. Some young Italian boys in their broken English and my “it’s kinda close to Spanish” told me that I could have his bed in their sleeper car. I was very doubtful but figured out that his friend didn’t have a bed, so they wanted to hang out together. They walked me to the car, told every conductor along the way that I was using their ticket, and they even carried my stuff for me. I looked for them later to thank them when we arrived, but I never saw them again. Their kindness meant so much to me during a very stressful week.

Share One of Your Bad Experience in you Travel.

Carly: The worst experience was alluded to in the best experience story. It was when my passport was stolen! There are other bad things that have happened to me over the years, but losing my passport was very bad. It was very stressful, expensive, it through my trip off, I was unable to see Liechenstein, but worst of all… I lost all my treasured stamps.

Any Advice for New Travelers/Travel Bloggers?

Carly: It’s hard. It’s so hard. If you’re doing it just to make money, you’re going to get burned out fast. You have to really love what you do and really love helping people to make it worth it. Don’t churn out the same garbage that everyone is. Find your voice and be different.

Do You Want to Say Something to Us (Travel Cracker)?

Carly: Can’t wait to see it!

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