Best Travel Camera

So, if you are looking for the best camera for travel blogging, then maybe you looked for the best blogging camera here and there. But you shouldn’t be worry because we already have done great research on your behalf of you. And Before going the selection tips & detailed description, you can check the following best YouTube camcorders models that we recommend the most for video recording on YouTube.

Best Travel Camera – Our Recommendation

Apple iPhone 7 PlusSmartphoneUp to 4K 60 FPSCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Canon EOS 700DDigital SLRUp to 1080p HDCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

According to us, these cameras are very good for blogging. The prices are very reasonable and these good recording cameras for YouTube video can help you to be a YouTube superstar without taking hassles of video editing and trimming in many ways & cases.

GoPro Hero5 Black

GoPro Hero5According to our travel photography experiences, GoPro Hero 5 is the most elegant gadget that you must try at least once a life. If you are thinking why should you buy GoPro Hero 5, then here are some reasons:

Waterproof: It is waterproof without any casing up to 10 meters underwater which is a big revolution in video cam industry.

Touch Screen: The displace is completely touchscreen. And since the camera is completely waterproof without casing, it means you can use your touchscreen under water.

Voice Control: You can command GoPro Hero 5 by 7 languages which includes English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese etc.

GPS: The GPS feature allows you to confirm auto geotagging and other geo meta data.

Audio: The camera has built-in noise canceling feature and also the audio quality is superior to a traditional camera.

Software Support: All GoPro users get a GoPro ID. And you can use GoPro Studio for desktop video editing and ‘Quik’ for mobile video editing. You just need to sync your device with this software and your photos and videos will be shown in their gallery. So, the editing becomes easier more than you think.

Downsides of GoPro Hero 5

Here are the top downsides of GoPro Hero 5, those you need to know:

Battery Life: In terms of price the battery life is extremely low. You can capture up to 2 hours of 4k video. It means for long travel, long drive and road trip you always need to carry extra batteries. Besides, for long time lapses, you can’t take relentless video for more than 2 hours.

Cost of Camera: The price of the camera is comparatively higher than other cameras. Especially, Chinese gadgets are now very cheap and performing very well for travelers. And that’s why people often choose Chinese brands as their video camera for YouTube.

Cost of Accessories: The different mounts, power sources and other accessories are also costly than other cameras. Though you can choose cheaper accessories, still to own a GoPro feeling when taking photos and videos costly accessories have to competitors.

So, in a nutshell, our suggestion will be, if you are ready to spend around $500-700$ for your YouTube Video camera then GoPro is undoubtedly superior to other brands.

iPhone 7 Plus

As a consumer, you should already know that iPhone is not only a smartphone but also a true companion for every necessity. And in case of travel vlogging, iPhone can also serve as your YouTube Video camera by capturing up to 4K videos of your moments.

Upsides of iPhone 7 Plus

There are lots of reasons for why you should by an iPhone 7 plus. But for travel vlogging or YouTubing we’ll focus the following traits.

Battery Life: It has a 2900 mAh battery which can keep you online for a longer period than action cam or DSLR video cameras. Besides, you can also charge it by power bank parallelly to video recording.

Bigger Display: The large screen will help you to make clear projection of your video objects. The touch screen zooming facility helps vloggers to focus on objects more clearly.

Water Resistant: You can’t call it completely waterproof. But yes, it is water resistant and this resistance is really worthy. So, for light rain ambiance you can continue your vlogging. But in cats and dogs situation, it’s better to stop.

Audio Filter: For reducing audio noise iPhone has built in noise canceling features. Furthermore, there are lots of audio recording software to record clear audio.

Downside of iPhone 7 Plus

Though there are not that much downsides, we listed some of them below:

Absence of Simultaneity: Whatever it is, at the end of the day iPhone is just a phone and your primary objective is calling. So, for long time YouTubing, you need to stop receiving calls & SMS.

Expensive: iPhone 7 plus is expensive and there are lots of inexpensive options in market for video recording.

But in terms of overall consideration, iPhone is very useful. For indoor shooting, iPhone sometimes better than action camera because of its flash and better than DSLR because of its resolution. So, if you want an overall package within a single device, then choose iPhone 7 Plus.

YI 4K+ Action Camera

If you are looking for inexpensive vlogging cameras with premium functionalities, then you can try YI 4K+ Action camera. The popular of this camera is increasing day by day as its awesome outlook and extensive features.

Upsides of YI 4K+ Action Camera

There are lots of pros of this camera. And we are focusing some of them here.

Resolution: This is really a good quality video camera for YouTube because you can capture 4K videos up to 60 FPS which is more than GoPro Hero 5 and equivalent to iPhone X.

Voice Control: You can control your camera by your voice. You can take photos, shoot burst, begin & stop recording and turning off by your voice. In extreme trekking or billows of ocean these feature is a gem.

Faster Connectivity: You can connect your action camera to your phone or laptop through conventional USB or OTG cable. Additionally, you can also take Raw images by your action camera.

Audio Record: All models of YI action cameras have a common awesome feature. And that’s real-time noise canceling. And in comparison, to other camera models, we found they’ve the best noise canceling features.

Downsides of YI 4K+ Action Camera

There is are small number of downsides of this model, but one or two of these problems are very severe. Let’s proceed to one of them.

Mismatch Between Casing & Touch: You can’t go under water with this camera without waterproof casing. And here is the problem began because under the waterproof casing you can’t use the touch screen. Furthermore, you can’t take your phone to under water. So, how can you control the modes there? Technically there is no ways and you can only use your projections.

According to the overall consideration, this camera is a very good one. But if you can increase your budget a little high, then you should take GoPro Hero5.

YI 4K Action Camera

According to our opinion, this is the best cheap video camera for vlogging. And the best thing about this cam is it contains almost all required and elegant features. So, for middle range budget action camera YI 4K can be a very good YouTube camcorder.[

Upsides of YI 4K Action Camera

This is almost same as YI 4K+, but still We’ll feature some exclusive part for travel vlogging.

Resolution: You can capture 4k videos in 30 fps and 1080p HD videos in 120 fps which is a very good feature for taking sports quality video. For example, if you are in para gliding, cliff jumps etc. then you can capture your moments for clearly in 120 fps. Yah, it will not be 4k but the video quality will definitely soothe the heart of the viewers.

Bigger Screen: It has bigger display than GoPro Hero5 which will help you to take better projection on the time of video.

Downsides of YI 4K Action Camera

The mentionable downsides of YI 4K Action Camera are:

Touch-screen Problem in Casing: The same problem goes like YI 4k+ here also and that is the inability to use the touch screen in a waterproof casing which makes it almost uncontrollable under water or even in the rainy situation.

Battery Life: It’ll give you up to 2 hours support in 4k mode which is not helpful for long time videos like time lapses.

Canon EOS 700D DSLR Camera

For travel vlogging we always demotivate backpackers to use DSLR cameras because it is heavy to carry, you’ll get not that much in comparison to your carrying labor. But still Canon 700 can be a good choice specially because of its features within small price.

Upsides of Canon EOS 700D DSLR Camera

There are lots of video features of this camera. And we are going to focus the best features of this camera for travel vlogging.

Resolution: In this era of 4K Canon 700D may not be able to give you more than 1080p, but the clarity of the video will be more than awesome. Editing is easier and available from a basic video editing software to professional filmmaking software.

Zooming Feature: Action cameras or smartphones don’t give you that much space for zooming your objects. Sometimes it makes video boring or unfocused. And only DSLR can eradicate this problem by giving you space to zooming and focusing properly on your object. And according to us, Canon 700D is the best recording camera for YouTube video at a very reasonable price.

Lens Selection Feature: You can change your lens according to the ambiance, object, and your choice. You can focus only you on prime lenses or use telelenses to focus the whole ambiance around you. You’ve full freedom of composing your own video frame in this camera.

Cheaper Accessories: DSLR accessories are widely available in the market and cheaper in price. So, you can easily expand your camera functionality for more accuracy and beauty in your travel vlogs.

Downsides of Canon EOS 700D DSLR Camera

Here are some of the downsides of Canon EOS 700D for travel vloggers:

Lack of Portability: You should already know that the weight of DSLR is little high and you need to carry it with an extra care so that camera sensor, lens or other parts doesn’t get damaged.

Water Leaky: DSLR cameras are usually not waterproof and this is a big downside for travel vloggers because you need to go under rainy or foggy situations regularly to capture your moment. Though there are some waterproof casing, compared to other action cams those are not worthy and effective.

Final Words

So, if you are in quest of a good quality video camera for YouTube vlogging, then try to consider portability first. Then, the waterproof feature, jerk resistance and price. And according to the optimization of this feature finally, choose the best video camera for YouTube vlogging. And we hope we article will help you a lot for choosing your own recording camera for YouTube video. Happy Travel Vlogging.