Bali, the picturesque island of Indonesia, is famous among travelers for its beautiful beaches, colorful coral reefs, and magnificent volcanoes. The super-cheap economy and the unearthly beauty of this little island have turned into a dream destination for many westerners. Taking a flight to this beautiful island, renting one of the Bali villas and spending a few days or weeks or even months enjoying this Indonesian beauty has become quite common among travelers. However, if you are planning to book your tickets and head over to Bali for the first time, there are a few things about this place which you must know of. Here are six things, which you make your first Bali trip much more seamless and enjoyable.

1 # You May Not Need a Visa

Bali is really tourist-friendly when it comes to visa. Citizens of total 169 countries do not need a visa to enter and stay at Bali for 30 days. So do remember to check if you belong to any of those 169 countries before you reach Bali, as if you are, then you won’t have to face any hassle before entering Bali.

2 # It is Hot in Bali

With an average temperature of about 32 degrees centigrade, the weather in Bali is pretty hot. Being an island, the humidity is quite high too, as you can imagine. So it will be pretty hot in Bali, no matter when you go. You can expect to sweat like crazy while you are there, so remember to bring light clothes when you visit. May to August is dry season in Bali and it is considered to be the best season to take a trip there.

3 # Dress According to The Culture

While there are no hard and fuss rules of dressing (of course), still you should respect Balinese culture and dress accordingly. Showing too much skin at the beach or wearing shorts at a religious building should be avoided so that you can pay respect to the locals and their culture.

4 # Get a Local SIM 

If you are staying in Bali for more than two weeks, it will be much cheaper to just get a local SIM card than using your regular number and paying international roaming fees. Local SIM cards are easily available at shops or kiosks. Also remember to purchase a separate data pack with your SIM, if the mobile internet is a priority for you.

5. Don’t Drink Tap Water

Like most Southeast Asian countries like Bangladesh, you must be cautious about the water you drink in Bali. Tap water in Bali is not drinkable at all. Fill your bottles up with filtered water or buy mineral water bottles while traveling. The ice you get in reputable bars or restaurants are generally safe to consume.

6 # Remember to Take Your ATM Card Back

ATMs in Bali work in a different manner than some countries. The machine first disposes of the cash, then the receipt and then after you finish the transaction, it gives your card back. So remember to always end the transaction and collect your ATM card before you leave to avoid any hassles.