Adam Cheshier

Adam Cheshier is a travel lover and the founder of Wanderway Travel. He has been traveling since 2015. Today’s Featured Traveler section, we talked to this nice person and published his featured portions of the discussion. Hope everyone will enjoy.

Tell Us Something About Yo Your Blog.

Adam: My name is Adam Cheshier & my pursuit to go travel began back in the summer of 2015 on a month-long West Coast road trip in my home country of the United States. I found myself sleeping in the passenger seat of my tiny 1998 Nissan Altima just to make it affordable to go travel. This was my first time I experienced life on the road and the idea of an alternative lifestyle.  Three months later, I gathered all the money I saved to go travel and took off on a nine-month backpacking adventure through Europe. This decision changed my life. My entire life’s path was reinvigorated from the ground up. Not more than a year later, I decided to move continents and go travel permanently. With no plans to settle down in the near future, I am now amidst a life of nomadism and figuring it out as I go. My life as a professional storyteller has just begun.

Where Are You Based/Located?

Adam: For the past year, I have been living in the Mediterranean island of Malta, but in March, I will be moving to Pai, Thailand.

What is Your Motivation for Travel?

Adam: Somewhere along the way, I realized that I was fed up with myself. I was aspiring to reach someone else’s dream and I had already lost motivation for it. I knew I had to find something new; a dream I could call my own. A dream of becoming a professional storyteller with good stories for storytelling and storytelling photography. But I didn’t know how to go about that. I met so many inspiring people during my trip abroad but couldn’t find the inspiration for my own plan. So I decided to turn my 20’s into a journey of exploration. I’ve rejected the typical path of my parent’s generation not knowing exactly where that will take me. That is what has led to my life of nomadism. My mission is to go into this travel world with the purpose of learning how other people and cultures are making their way through this thing called life and the travel world. The end goal is simply clarity on how I want to start my own. Through speaking with people from all over the globe, I’ve realized that if I’m asking questions, then I’m doing my best type of learning. I’ve had a hell of a time figuring that out and my journey telling true time travel stories have only just begun.

How Many Countries You Have visited. Mention them.

Adam: 30+

Tell About 5 of Your Most Favorite Travel Destination & Why Do You Love this Places?

Adam: Malta is my absolute favorite place in this world. The people, the parties, the laid-back lifestyle; it’s all something you can’t experience unless you go to the island and stay a while.

I love the city of Budapest. I was only there for a week and I’ve always intended to go back, just haven’t found the time. It was one of the craziest, most beautiful weeks I have ever lived and there was still so much more to see and do in that city.

The Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada; this place is my home. Being from the United States is a privilege as well as a curse. As most know, our political situation in the country is less than bargained for. Sometimes, it’s hard to be proud of where I am from, however, the Pacific Northwest is a proud part.

Tbilisi, Georgia is so far off the tourist path which is one of the reasons I grew so fond of it in a little over a week. I met great people and Georgians are so hospitable and warm. The city has ample things to do and it is CHEAP!

Swakopmund, Namibia is such a mystery to me and maybe that’s why it is one of my favorite places. Relax on a beach, climb a desert sand dune, surf, skydive, ride a quad — there are endless possibilities for the adventure-lover in Swakopmund.

Which Travel Destinations Are Now in Your Bucket List and Why Do You Want to Go There?

Adam: Pai, Thailand — my next home — has been on my mind for months now. The Southeast part of Asia, in general, has been itching at me for a few years now and I’m so ready to dive into the culture. In addition to that, I have many friends I’ve intended to visit in Brazil for over a year now. Caxias do Sul is on my 2018 shortlist. There is a lot of volunteer work I’ve wanted to help out within Nicaragua. Bali is a forever bucket list until I finally make it there. . . the list goes on and on.

Share One of Your Bad Experience in you Travel.

Adam: Don’t trust people of the internet! I lost a lot of money on accommodation in Malta by doing this. My biggest travel regret had nothing really to do with travel.

Any Advice for New Travelers/Travel Bloggers? 

Adam: Just say ‘YES’ — to anyone, anything, and travel itself. It will all change your life for the better. Trust in fate.

Do You Want to Say Something to Us (Travel Cracker)?

Adam: Thank you for the feature!