Iftekhar Idris Asif

Hello Travelers, Thanks for visiting my site. At first let me introduce myself. I am a location independent serial Infopreneur & now dealing with several websites on travel, education, tech etc. Travel Cracker is one of my initiatives for the travel enthusiasts around the world. Apart of my work & study, I do regular travel because it soothes my heart & make stresses lower. Once, I read on a book that: “Travel makes people speechless and then turn them into storyteller.” And after years of traveling, now I’ve started telling stories about the beautiful world through my website.  I hope the articles will inspire you to discover the world & help you to find the right & better way to discover. I am not alone here and Travel Cracker is now a team of travelers, writers & marketers. And all we are now trying to find mesmerizing destinations, tips for having cheap flights & transports, manage budget accommodation, choosing the best travel gear for you and tips & ideas of different types of traveling. Hope all our ideas & contents will help you a lot. Happy Traveling.